Create TYPO3 Content and export as SCORM Package

Many learning platforms support the e-learning standard SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model). Learning content can be referenced via SCORM and played back as run time in a learning platform that complies with the standard (such as Moodle, Ilias and Blackboard).

The learning progress of learners and the completion of a learning package can be tracked by trainers in the LMS via referencing in SCORM and evaluated in a reporting tool.

SCORM learning modules are mostly created using desktop software. With the LEARNTUBE! extension "TYPO3 SCORM" you can now also use TYPO3 as an authoring platform. The export can take place in SCORM version 1.2. and 2004.

The advantage of the web-based solution is obvious. The content is stored centrally and can be created and changed via different editors.

TYPO3 pages referenced in SCORM

In this variant the actual content remains in the TYPO3 system and is referenced in the SCORM package via an HTML frame page. The advantage here is that the content is updated in real time, no need to re-import or export. The access to the content is still protected by an autologin.


Static export of the contents as SCORM

With this export all contents of the TYPO3 pages are exported statically. The advantage of this variant is that a template with menu navigation can be used, whereby clicks in the menu are also counted as page calls in the LMS. The SCORM package also works without internet access if supported by the LMS or the Run Time environment.


Static export of the contents as HTML5

You are not using a learning platform or would like to make the content available offline? Then you can use the option of static export in form of a HTML5 package. This content can then be made available in your file system, be it on the Internet or Intranet or as a download for your learners.


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