Do you already know BigBlueButton?

The DSGVO compliant virtual Classroom.

LEARNTUBE! has integrated BigBlueButton into TYPO3 and into the e-learning distribution LMS3, thus perfectly complementing the blended learning solution LMS3, which has been established on the market since 2008, with a virtual classroom.

The free BigBlueButton TYPO3 Extension is published in the TYPO3 Extension Repository. You can find it under the following link:

TYPO3 uses the BigBlueButton API, so this solution can be used in all TYPO3-based environments: For example, participants in meetings can be authenticated and user groups can be selected for moderation.

In the extended version, the integration of recordings or the scheduling of meetings is also possible. If you are interested in the extended version, please contact us.

BigBlueButton and LMS3 - the perfect Blended Learning Combination

The integration of BigBlueButton in LMS3 goes even further. There, the facilitators can grade the participants, on the basis of which, for example, a certificate can be issued.

LMS3 thus offers a further possibility for blended learning formats to perfectly combine online self-learning units and online live meetings.

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