New Features: Feedback and Alerts

LMS3 has received two new features that can work together. With the feedback sheet you can easily receive feedback, for example on your courses. This helps you to constantly improve your courses. Or you want to have a lecturer evaluated. Then this is possible with the feedback forms. The results can be exported from the backend via CSV file on the respective pages.

We have also created an alert function with which you can display notifications on the platform. These can be upcoming dates in your blended learning format or general information about new course offerings. The notifications can be created for individual groups and linked to a date range. Furthermore, you can choose whether the notifications should be acknowledged via a button.

In conjunction with the feedback forms, you can create notifications to remind you to complete the feedback forms.

By specifying a trigger page, you can also link the display to certain page visits. For example, if a final exam has been passed, you can send a congratulation to the participants.

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