LMS3 Moodleconnector - TYPO3 meets Moodle

You would like to integrate TYPO3 content into Moodle? This is possible with the Moodleconnector. We have connected both systems for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The FES uses the TYPO3-based e-learning distribution LMS3 for its Moodle courses to centrally create learning modules and deliver them to Moodle.

The Moodle plugin is available in the Moodle repository, the TYPO3 extension will be published at the end of 2022 and can be purchased from LEARNTUBE! until then.

Thanks are due not only to the FES and the Moodle community, but also to bdecent, who helped to optimise the Moodle plugin for all current Moodle versions.


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