The art of edutainment - LEARNTUBE!

We have been working with e-learning applications for more than thirteen years and are specialists in TYPO3-based systems for imparting knowledge via the Internet.

Our claim "The art of edutainment" should stand for our self-conception that learning should always be good entertainment.

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"Everyone said it couldn't be done and then someone came along who didn't know and did it."

What is important to us:

Reliability and consistency

We have been assisting our customers for more than thirteen years. Reliability is particularly important to us. We develop our LMS3 system just as consistently every year, always taking on board ideas and suggestions from customers.

Listen and develop creativity

It's about your ideas and plans, not ours. That's why listening carefully is important. We also don't throw solutions at you straight away, but take our time to think through your input and develop creative ideas - together and in exchange with you.

Security for your users and data

Security in terms of servers and software is our top priority. The same applies to the data of your participants, which we treat sensitively in accordance with the requirements of the DSGVO. We take every precaution and are covered against damage by cyber security insurance.

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